3D environments

3D environments

Marie Jockmans
by MarieJockmans on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Two 3D environments which are not the most recent but which I had a blast to create. I am showing them today because I am still very proud of the results and these are the two environment that taught me the most.

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Neon cyberpunk city

A level environment for a first person shooter made and rendered in about a month in Unreal tournament.

The final piece was inspired by those futuristic busy Asian cities, "cyberpunk style", seen for example in Blade runner or in Altered carbon. My main goal was to captured the mood of those crowded city, especially the parts where everything is cramped up, dirty and overwhelmed by neon lights. Talking about lights, playing with those and the colours they emitted was the most important part (and also the most fun for me!). Lots of bright saturated blues, reds and other colours in those tones had to be used. The rest, the materials, in contrast, had to stay very dark and dull with a dominance of greys and dirt colours.

As the whole environment (which had to be big to really give this city feeling) had to be done in very little time, I made very simple modular pieces and made use of trim textures for some of the normal maps.

Vale of tears (Alice madness returns fanart)

This was my first bigger environment that I did and I am still very happy about how it turned out. Done in about a month in Unreal, I created all the assets (except for the trees) which allowed me to learn substance painter at the time (I only knew Photoshop texturing!). This piece also taught me a lot about shaders in Unreal and creating the water was definitely the biggest challenge I faced. This piece also taught me how to work with lighting in Unreal (which I discovered I loved).

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