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The School-ing Diaries

The School-ing Diaries

Pablo Sanchez Martinez
by PabloSanchez on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a journal of my progress in the course of Architectural Visualization in School-ing.

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1.Bridge House (LLAMA urban design)

The first project had to be an exterior and i wanted to choose an iconic type of project in the woods, so i could explore the forest pack tool and the posibilities of the 3D environments.

Once i finished the project, i approached it later on with a more cinematic vision and to explore what could be done in postproduction to add a different mood.

2. Blue and Glue (HAO Design)

The second project was an small interior and i decided that i wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I usually tend to like more dramatic and desaturated images so my decision was clear, i needed a more colorful and cheerful approach. My challenge here was how to work with materials and lights in a more detailed way to get a photorealistic feeling. I tried to replicate the photos made by Hey! Cheese, as this was an exercise to understand how the camera works.

3. Voisin Organique Restaurant & Lounge (Various Associates)

With the third project i wanted to challenge and push myself even further away. I love sci-fi and this restaurant gave me Blade Runner vibes, so to get that atmosphere i really had to concentrate on lights and materials. This is a very minimalist project, so the atmosphere is everything. Some of the views are made using the photos made by Feng Shao as a reference.

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