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by FD on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

We are happy to present you our graduation project Venation done at New3dge in 2020. As a group of 5 people and over the span of 10 month we had to create a game prototype in order to put into practice our skills and abilities. Here you you can find the project website

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Venation takes place in a post-apocalyptic Paris after a powerful GMO ravaged the civilisation as we know it, by altering the genome of the life forms with which it came into contact.

Venation is an action/infiltration game. We play as Ana, a young woman exploring the ruins of our world, in hope to find survivors. She will make her way through the ruins of Paris where nature taken over and where danger lurks at every corner.




Characters By Jacques Chen, Fily Dembele and Alice Toussaint 


Environments By Alban Gungiah and Sylvain Rongéras

Alban Gungiah :
Sylvain Rongéras :
Fily Dembele :
Jacques Chen :
Alice Toussaint :

Hope you liked it, thanks for watching :) 

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