Stray Flowers Concept

Stray Flowers Concept

Ambre Germann
by Sugarcloak on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Two character design projects for school, both revolving around 19th century European gentlemen named after wild flowers... really, it's a coincidence.

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Okay, first project! This one is particularly close to my heart, I've had this character in mind for a very long time already, and this project was the perfect occasion to give him a proper face and design.

I wanted his description to be a sort of synopsis for the story he's part of, I like to imagine it as a graphic novel. Still unnamed though.

 I usually like giving my protagonists a kind of npc look, so I aimed for that here and, well, I think he'd blend well enough in a crowd. Because, yes; although he really doesn't look built for it, he would most probably be the main character... poor child.

And now, the design pages. They mostly consist of very rough sketches and endless rambles

Yes, I write a lot (of nonsense mostly), somehow it helps me keep the creative juices flowing. I did think about rewriting everything in a readable font but in all honesty, the comments would lose some of their... flavor.

Now the color iterations! I picked the first one, and just darkened the shoes a little more similarly to the 8th option;

As for the pose, I thought a simple one would suit him better, so I just rearranged one from earlier in the sketch pages.

And finally, a little process view, for the funsies~

Alright, that's a wrap for the first one, now onto the second project! And for a change, I actually gave this one a name~

As opposed to the first project, Wolfsbane wasn't a character I had invented prior to the chara design class, he was created solely for the purpose of this course. But, I've grown really attached to him as well...

It wasn't easy to think of a story in only a day or two, but one thing that helped me was imagining it from a video game concept standpoint. I tried to see it as a fetch quest the player would have to execute in a timely fashion, majora's mask style, climaxing in Monster Hunter like hunts interspersed by very quiet and contemplative walks in the snow (sounds weirder than it did in my head).

Early sketches, silhouettes, and iteration pages :

I went for the simplest pose of the bunch to emphasize the character's resigned, cold blooded nature. I also privileged rounder shapes (such as the hat and the softer curve of the scarf) to contrast with the little bits of sharpness here and there in the design (found in the teeth and weapons), as a mirror for his personality: someone both kind hearted and pragmatic.

Lastly, the values...

and color iterations! Once again, went with my early ideas on the colors and created a mix of the 2nd and 3rd options for the final design.

And that's it for what I have to offer, I hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I did drawing it~

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