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Stylized Character Models

Stylized Character Models

Alexander Cruz
by alexandercruz on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

2 models that I'd like to show off. I finished these characters quite recently and I am excited to show my artistic progress.

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Hello, my name is Alex, a 21 year old character modeller from Australia.
Recently began my Honours studies. 
For these characters I used a high to lowpoly workflow ready to be used for video games. I was particularly aiming to have the polycounts below 40,000 polys.

These 2 characters are DnD characters of my design: and that I have played in the past. The first character is my hobo bladesinger, The Dungeon Dude, affectionately referred to as DD. I'm a big fan of anatomy sculpting, so having a character who really shows off his muscles was a fun time.

The second is the honourable and strict Centaur Knight, Valness Yrgos. Given her nature as a Centaur her anatomy was a nice challenge, I had lots of fun making her shield and flail.

Thanks for looking at my art! I'm going to be making more and more character models in the future, look forward to it.

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