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The long journey of Concept art.

The long journey of Concept art.

Sunil Vaghasia
by Vantelight on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

An exploration into different art pieces I have done for projects at college. Consisting of work from three different projects and matte painting pieces. These were done within the span of a full year.

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An adventure IP set in the afterlife for Basic concept design class.


Set in modern day, we follow an aspiring guitar player who gets into an accident causing her to fall into a coma. With her spirit detatched from her body she must find a way to return to the modern day.

It took me a while to figure out what kind of unique shapes and designs I wanted to use for the design while still keeping the hourglass figure with a large volume hair to bring the viewer's attention back to the head. 


During her time in the spirit world, Kareena is assisted by a spirit guardian by the name of Miro. 

Miro is based off the Hindu myhtology that believes that certain animals are sacred due to their connection to certain gods as either animal companions or as their mount. 

Miro's design is based off the peacock along with smaller design traits from other avian animals native to India. 

The specific colors used in the render are to help give off the feeling of higher power and being fitting for a creature of the spirit world. 

The temple of Saraswati 

This building is a temple of prayer and meditation. It also acts as a gateway between the mortal and spirit worlds. This is where Kareena's journey through the afterlife ends. 

In Hindu culture, temples such as these were considered places of holy worship where the masses could gather to offer gifts to the gods in exchange for good life and health.


Concept Art

A collaborative project that I worked on with fellow class mates for Concept Design class. The story follows a young astronaut exploring deep space with her mother, before crash landing on an alien world. Luna and her mother have to work together to get off the planet and away as the native insectoid creatures of this planet hunt them down.

I was in charge of designing the side character, Martha Grey, who is Luna's mother and fellow astronaut on this trip. She acts as the support medic on the trip and does what she can for her daughter after losing her husband years ago. I also designed a alien creature, vehicle, prop and environment piece to help flesh out the universe. 

Layout designed by: Winki Soo Weng Yee

Vehicle alien creature designed by: Lim Hao Tzer. 

Key Art and Poster Art

Illustrations for scenes for a different story project that I was worked on with a different group of classmates. The characters featured are the main characters of the story designed by other members of the group.

Witch designed by Lisa Kim.

The Green Plague logo designed by Lisa Kim. 

Key Art 1: The witch's rage exploding across the forest river as her power sends shockwaves through the air. 

Key Art 2: The witch tending to the forest healing some flowers as the sunlight shines through the forest trees. 

Promo. Art: The witch and her apprentice walking through the dark forest as the twisted trees reach up and help make up the silhouette. 

Matte Painting

Completed my matte painting class last year, the process was tough but rather enjoyable from beginning to end. I learned a lot from my lecturers and their guidance helped me get better and apply the skills I learned there into more recent projects. 

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