Tim Persson - Concept Art Portfolio 2021

Tim Persson - Concept Art Portfolio 2021

Tim Persson
by timalexanderart on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! My name is Tim and I'm a 26 y/o art student at The Game Assembly in Sweden. I mostly study 3D and Game Development pipelines but my focus lies in Concept Art and 2D Art. I'm heading towards an internship for my third year of study so I thought I'd share my graduation portfolio with an entry! Thanks!

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First Project: Search

Final Image

I worked on this during the same time as the "Crow's Rest" snow piece. It was pretty healthy because I could bounce back between the two and get needed breaks to come back to each concept with fresh eyes. No 3D used for this one. I kind of wanted to explore and take a different route in the thumbnailing phase by messing around with photos and creating a composition that way.

This is set in the same apocalyptic world as the other keyframe but here we arrive deep in the forest of an overgrown environment. Two armed men with axes are out searching for something, or someone? Maybe they're friendly, maybe they're not? This is the border you have to cross to leave the current area to get to the next.

Process Image

Second Project: Crow's Rest

Final Image

I blocked a quick scene with 3D in Unreal Engine for this one to establish lighting composition and mood, and then spent the majority of the time painting and photobashing to add detail and changes.

Set in the same apocalyptic world as the other keyframe it shows a woman on horseback arriving into a new unknown snowed in abandoned territory. Don't be fooled by the silence or the cozy snow. This territory is overrun by some crazy people, finding shelter isn't going to be easy.

This was alot of fun to work on.

Loose sketches & story establishment

Third Project: Heist

Final Image

This is one of the three pieces called "Heist". A form of robbery has just taken place and the cartel is now in their hideout doing a dropoff/offload.

Blockout made with 3D in Maya and key rendered in Arnold.

Painted and Photobash on top.

A character to fit into the theme/story.

Fourth Project: Rayline

Final Image

The prompt was to create a futuristic selfsustaining power grid building set in a sci-fi universe used in perhaps a shooter game with focus on design

Modeled with Maya, Zbrush, Rendered with Arnold and Keyshot before photobashing and doing paintovers and variations.

I also like to illustrate.

Here's three illustrations with focus on splash art and promotional cover art. These are alot of fun for me since I can focus on composition and purely painting.

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