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Art of Ran Ying

Art of Ran Ying

by Ranying on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I'm Ran Ying! Here's a showcase of my artworks during my studies.

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IP Project - Character Design 

These two characters are designed for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games (MOBA), like League of Legends. 

Time To Go 

A young Tibetan girl is on a quest to search for her missing father who has been tasked to mine in a sacred cave. The cave contains a type of precious mineral known as Kha is weaponized for an on going war. Humans intruding into the scared cave have enraged a mystical beast, Btsun Mo who governs the area. 

These artworks are my contribution to the group project. 


Poster Design

Environment Painting

An ancient civilazation. 

Portrait Illustration 

Personal Work

Some paintings I did to cheer myself up

~Thank you for viewing~

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