Hard Surface Modeler

Hard Surface Modeler

Raafat  WALI
by raafatrofi on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

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My passion for Designing 3D was born incredibly early. It extends further down to my childhood when I would draw on school desks, walls, and every corner up to the point that has led my life to this path. In multiple attempts to improve and taking level by, I have become an Industrial designer in 2007. Then I worked for over a decade with international design firms in modeling and Look-dev for different projects. I emphasized my focus to be a specialist in Modeling and Look-Dev. So AAU polished my artistic skills and added value to my technology knowledge.

In addition to these, I have powerful scientific skills and a background in engineering and design in different fields, and I hope to find the right place to present this mixture professionally and in an integrated manner. that can lead the projects, for high quality and unique levels

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