The Plaza

The Plaza

Mikele Mahchi Saba
by MikeleMahchi on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Mikele Mahchi and I'm a 3D Artist focusing on Modeling and Texturing with an emphasis on realistic characters and environments. the work submitted is part of my demo reel and my final work from my course on animation and 3D design at CICE

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The Plaza

I created this scene as the final project for the course of animation and 3D design at CICE, its inspired by the video game "BloodBorne". I am responsible for all the 3D assets used in this scene except for the tree that is from the Maya library. The scene depicted is a “Hunter” from the game coming to contact with a great one in the middle of a dark plaza. I recreated the hunter character from the game cover using Maya for the modeling and Substance Painter for the textures. The monster was made using Maya for the wrought shape and MudBox to create a displacement map as well as the textures. The scenery was made in Maya and textured with Substance Painter. It was then all rendered using Arnold in Maya and composited a little in Nuke.

The Hunter

The Great One

The Great Ones design is completely original, I used as inspiration the traditional concept of a demon but adding some characteristics snails and leeches for the texturing of the skin and the design of the face, the wings are made of bone and its legs have a scaly look similar to a dinosaur’s leg

the turntable for the previously mentioned characters as well as a 3D model of a medieval knight are in the demo reel bellow

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