by Strocen on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Behind each picture there is a story that must be told.

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There is a great story behind each painting: a place, an environment, lights, sensations and emotions that we cannot perceive just by going to museums. The paintings and their story excite us and help us  know more about the life of its artist. With virtual reality we can even go back to the moment when artists like Joan Miró were painting some of his best works. These inmersive experiences  remains in peoples memory due to the great emotional impact they create.

On 2020 I started my career in 3d visualization at Butic the New School with a Master in architectural visualization with Unreal Engine. The first months of the master were dedicated to learning modelling with 3ds Max and render with VRay. One of the practices that we did in class was the representation of a painting in 3D, I never hesitated to take Joan Miró's harlequin carnival since I am a fan of his painting.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most during the creation of the final image was the documentation of why  Miró painted this and what he wanted to represent in it so this also helped me to create the proper enviroment.

It was quite a challenge to replicate the perspective of the room as well as modelling all of these fantastic creatures that fill the scene.

From the beginning I wanted to give a realistic enviroment as can be seen on the floors and walls combined with the fantasy of these great creatures that Miró created.

While working on the 3ds max viewport I really enjoyed flying among the fantastic creatures and I realized that I had to make an immersive experience so that everyone could also enjoy it.  So I decided to work the scene in Unreal Engine and creare an inmersive experience. Bellow some renders  make in UE4:


The full scene has been optimized to use with VR glasses ( I am using Oculus Quest 2).  

Here is the final result of the experience in which I recorded myself doing it.

I hope you all like it!

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