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Sandra Baiju Prasad - Modelling/Texturing/Lookdev

Sandra Baiju Prasad - Modelling/Texturing/Lookdev

Sandra Baiju Prasad
by GenSxndy on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I am currently in my second year of study at the University Of Hertfordshire and this year I've focused on creating Realistic Assets. Website: LinkedIn:

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My group and I wanted to create a fun and unique take on an abandoned machine, forgotten by humanity. We came up with the story of the awakening of a disused tractor in a farm shed, that seeks its freedom. My role in this film was to create the Robotic Tractor and to incorporate the environment assets provided by our freelancers. I've used Ford 4610/4630 as a reference as I was making Thomas come to life. 

The story was originally going to be a live-action VFX student film, however, the pandemic this year made it impossible to film, so we had to make it a 3D film. However, we made our student film look semi-realistic, with a slight touch of stylistic animation and lighting to push the cuteness appeal of the tractor. The Pixar style approach helped me learn many new skills.

Maya/Mari/3Delight in Houdini

Sandra Baiju Prasad: Tractor (All aspects) & Incorporating Props in the scene
Alice Pott: Lighting & Compositing
Bruno Pires: FX
Zhane Nathan-Grant: Barn and Hay assets
Emma Lau: Shed Props
Gererd Murphy: Animation
Jashua Fernandez: Rigging & Animation


This was a project that was assigned as a live brief with DNEG. I was required to make a production-ready asset from their given references.
Though my focus this year was to learn realistic hard surface assets, I used this brief as a chance to have a go at Organic Assets as well. 
(Concept art and HDRI provided by DNEG)


I have seen quite a few Lamborghinis driving around in the central area of Dubai, my favourite one I had come across is the Huracan Performante. 
I made 2 versions of the car; the normal supercar and a Dubai Police Car version (though there is no police car of this specific model, I wanted to combine my favourite car with an element that reminded me of my home: Dubai)

Maya/ Substance Painter/ Arnold/ Nuke

In this past year, most of the work I've done are first attempts at learning realism. I've learnt a lot doing these projects and hope to do more complex ones this year. 

Thank you for viewing my work!
Here is my website:
And here is my LinkedIn:

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