Gia Bao Lam - Showcase 2021

Gia Bao Lam - Showcase 2021

Gia Bao Lam
by giabaolam on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone! I'm happy to show off my environment pieces that I made during this school year.

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No Face's Happy Place

My first ever environment! This was a stylized piece I created in my free time for the contest Rising Star from Grads in Games and happily finished as a finalist. I learned so much during this project as everything was self-produced.

The concept is based on the work of G xy.

The whole process of making this environment is documented on my ArtStation, below you can see a few slides.

Watermelon House

This was a project I made during the summer to practice my PBR skills as I had a bare understanding of Substance Painter at that moment. Also more stylized, because why not?

The concept is based on the work of Charlène Le Scanff.

Jinji's Grotto

This was a set dressing & lighting exercise, most of the assets are either Quixel or Megascans. My focus on this project was to recreate the same mood as in the original piece. In total it took around 4 days to create it.

The concept is based on the work of Connor Sheehan.

Architectural Visualization Lighting Practice

Something totally new, Arch Viz! This was a quick exercise of less than a day to learn and practice baked lighting. All assets are either from Quixel or Megascans.

Small Witch Diorama

A fun practice I did on the side to keep practising my ZBrush skills. I hope to retopo & texture this sculpt soon.

Based on the concept of a student at Star CG School.

Thank you for checking out my entry! If you would want to see my work in-depth, visit my ArtStation! :)

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