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My five month progress at 3D College

My five month progress at 3D College

by SteffenMTP on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"Keep working. Keep striving. Never give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Without commitment, you'll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you'll never finish" - Denzel Washington

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                      - Introduction -

So after a couple of years of not really knowing what to do with my self, jumping from education to education trying to find the correct fit and in the middle of a pandemic. I finally managed to find my way and get accepted into 3D College in January of 2021. It has certainly been some hectic soon 6 months and I have learned alot along the way.

I wanted to showcase a bit of my journey through the last 5 months at doing 3D. To show my development from knowing next to nothing about 3D and 3D software, to now knowing a bit more but still with a lot to learn.

Current project

My current project is modelling my dad's car. A Volkswagen Mark II Golf GTI from 1986. 
It is a car that has been in my life pretty much as long as I can remember, and until recently our daily driver. My dad has actually followed this car since it was brand new, one of his dorm colleagues bought it sometime in 1986 and had it for a few years before my dad bought it as his friend was going back to Schweiz. 

As you can see it's still very much in the initial stage. I do plan on making the interior as well and make it as close as possible and perhaps later down the line make some animation with the doors, hood etc. However since it is my first actual attempt at modelling a car, and it has helped me learn alot of techniques, I thought it was worth showcasing it.  

       Newest Project

So the newest finished project I have is a bedroom, but not any ordinary bedroom. I have recently been spending a lot of time at my grandparents house and because of that I wanted to make the upper floor rooms of their house. I spent around 3-4 weeks on and off working on the project juggling it between other projects in school.

Everything is made by me except for the picure in the frame, the book and newspaper which is from Pexels, the rest of the textures are from

Day & Night

So as a school assignment we were tasked to create a day & night render from the same perspective with a deadline of one week at 3D College. 

My focus here was definitely to get it as close to Archviz as I could given the timeframe. Lighting was particulary a main focus and I leaned a bit more towards the "Disney night light" meaning the night was very clear and had sort of a blue glare to it. 

Everything in the scene is made by me, and the textures are from

Diorama Water

As part of another school assignment we was tasked to make a diorama within the timeframe of about one week. The only specification was, that water had to be the main focus of our scene.

As we were in the middle of a pandemic and the weather outside was somewhat snowy, cloudy and windy, I decided I wanted to make a diorama of a beach wishing I could be there instead of inside a room. 

Looking back at it I definitely would have liked to put in some trees or more foliage to give the scene more life.

Everything is modelled by me, and the textures are from

Grab your six-shooter, partner!

If you couldn't tell by the title this is a western themed diorama. This was also a school assignment, where we had one weeks deadline and were given free rein to make whatever we wanted as long as it was a diorma. 

I have always been a fan of the western genre and saw this as an opportunity to combine the two things I really enjoyed. 3D and Westerns.  

Looking back at it there are a lot of things I would change. First of the iconic sliding doors are way to thick and bulky, the wagen on the right side is missing an entrance in the front, and at last there is no interior inside the saloon, which makes it feel empty. 

Everything in the model is made by me, and the textures are from

Blacksmith Scene

As part of a school assignment we were given only one keyword by our teacher, which was the word "Blacksmith". We then had pretty much free rein to proceed and make any scene we wanted.  

My mind immediately went to a medieval/fantasy style outdoor blacksmith. 

I was trying to get a feel for lighting and composition at this point in time. Looking back at it I would have liked to add more of an environment in the background.

This was also when I really started to use block outs effectively to tidy up my workflow.

Everything in the scene is made by me, the textures are from

                      - Closing notes -

It's been some hectic 5 months seeing as I barely new anything about 3D software in the beginning of this year and to see now. I am really exicted to push myself further and develop alot more skills to better myself as a 3D artist.

As a final I would like to send a huge thanks to all my teachers, classmates, friends and family for supporting me and helping me push the envelope to improve me as a 3D artist.

I thank you very much for reading my entry and hope you have a good day forward.

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