Angeline Martin
by angelinemartin on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My graduation portfolio done at Syn Studio, a revisit of an old sumerian tale in a futuristic fantasy setting.

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Descent is the portfolio I created for my graduation project at Syn Studio. It is the story of two Goddesses sisters, Ereshkigal and Inanna, betraying each other, and a Human, Ninshubur, trying to prevent the world from falling apart.

Ereshkigal's throne room in the Underworld

The place is used to receive emissaries, other Gods and their parties, but also for the judgment of Humans. From there, Ereshkigal can take their souls and send them to the city of Souls, situated underneath her palace. This room is also the place where the biggest crystal can be found. This latter is the source of energy of the Underworld and seems to partly ensure its balance.

Enki's temple in the Human world

This is where Ninshubur heads first to seek for help to free Inanna from the Underworld. Despite being a primordial God, Enki decided to settle his temple in the Human world, away from the Gods quarrels in the Heavens. The building stands proud in the middle of a deserted and colorful environment. Altars punctuates the way towards its entrance. 

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