Step Back in Time

Step Back in Time

Ng Jo Ling
by JoLing on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Step Back in Time is a floor projection mapping that uses the technology of LIDAR and ultrashoot projector. The purpose of the installation is to allow users to feel and experience the changes of Klang in a day through the abstract form of storytelling during the interaction.

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Step Back in Time

This is a floor projection mapping that uses the technology of LIDAR and ultrashoot projector. This project will be set up in an open space in Klang for people to interact with it. The project is basically to portray the authenticity of Klang by using the graphics of layering of lines which indicates time is stacking over years and years. Thus, the changes of a day in Klang will be shown through floor projection mapping.

Before I start to elaborate further, let me give a quick picture of Klang. Klang is a royal town and former capital of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is a place of a mix of culture, heritage, and history. Besides that, it offers an interesting blend of Malay, Chinese & Indian heritage. Time does not affect Klang to lose its own original essence as the business here is being established for over 100 years. 

Objective & Aim

Users get to understand the storytelling of Klang through the abstract form of visuals with audio. They get to feel and listen to the atmosphere and interact with lines.  

User Flow

The animations of the three circles which are morning, afternoon & night will keep on looping and stays on the floor. Each circle will last for 20 seconds. Each circle will fade in and out accordingly to transit to one another.


 When the user steps on it, it will trigger the animations and they can see the changes of Klang from morning to night. There will be different graphic assets to represent the key visual of Klang. For example, the silhouette of crows, the abstract form of the city, and Port Klang. A flock of crows starts to fly out which indicates they are breaking the dawn of Klang. During the afternoon, there are abstract form of temple, mosque, churches, double deck bridge and etc. Lastly, cargo ships that represent Port Klang appear at the end of the day. Users will get to experience the changes of visuals with audio and SFX when they are stepping within the circle. Besides, the user can also step on the lines and interact with the lines to stimulate a fluid-like motion between the lines. This is to create feedback within the spatial space.

Production Process

I've experimented with different formulas by changing the values and different calculations in order to get the idealized result. It's very miracle to see the changes of visuals by using a different formula. In this coding, I play with values of x and y by ( + - x / ) with different values to get a different outcome. Here are some of the different visual effects of experimenting with different formulas.

Music Production 

In order to achieve a better atmosphere for the overall user experience, I've tried to compose my own music by combing all the SFX together. For the morning circle, I combine the sound effect of crows, chirping of birds to create a morning atmosphere together with a soothing bgm. For the city, I've combined SFX of kopitiam, streets, cars, temples, and mosques. For the night circle, I've combined SFX of honking and bells of ships.

Thank you!

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