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Concept Art & Illustration - 2021

Concept Art & Illustration - 2021

Carlota Rodríguez Calcines
by carlyrc on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I'm Carlota! I'm currently studying Concept Art and Illustration on Lightbox Academy. I'm really excited to show all my recent projects and drawings here, for this interesting contest!

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Into The Woods

Personal project about a world of magic in which the machines and inventions are forbidden. 

"An inventor named Alyd is discovered as such, due to an explosion in his workshop. Looking for refuge, he end up running into the Forbidden Forest, where he embarks on an adventure to save a young woman, Enya, from a misterious curse."

Illustration implying a happy ending of the story, inspired by the adult concept I did of Alyd / how I expected Alyd to be within 4 years after the events occurring on the story.

Moyra 's "Splash Art" Illustration I did as a back cover for the project. It was done at the same time I did the cover of the project as well, so I added the thumbnails of them too.

Oh my Angel!

Another project that is still in development about an angel called Sera. For the moment I only have some sketches, reference sheets and illustrations of the main heroine of the story, and as well, some sketches of one of the side characthers, like the Manager.

"The adventure begins with Sera losing one of the holy staves of Heaven, making her return down to Earth. And in a turn of events, making a debut as a model?!"

Look up! Alien on the run!

Another project that I'm still developing. For the moment I only have some expressions, reference sheets and illustrations of the main antihero of the story, Cordia herself.

 "An alien girl called Cordia, diminutive of Discordia, in the run to cast some chaos into the planet Earth." 

Demons of this realm

Turnarounds and drawings of my cartoon character and lil devil Carly. 

I tried to model the character only with Autodesk Maya, and I ended up loving her expressions there. 

Still, I'm planning to remodel her again entirely, instead with Z-Brush this time.

Speedpainting 2020/2021

Entries I did for two speedpainting contests, in which I had to draw on a spawn of three hours a full illustration with background and characther with an especific theme. 

The themes were "Faith on the stars" and "Summer time" respectively.

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