A selection from my first year as a student

A selection from my first year as a student

Albin Berntsson
by visualsbyab on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

With a strong passion for architecture, design, and content creation I'm excited to be a part of this journey. Just about to finish my first year as an Architectural Visualization student at Yrgo.

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Ocean Living


In New England style, this is a house concept for the ones who dream about living next to the ocean. The assignment here was to build a villa following house plans and present it as a daylight render. Using Forest Pack, RailClone and Quixel Megascans for the first time. 

Rendered in Vray.



First interior project in school. The brief here was to find a real estate advertisement for a home in need of renovation. With photos and floor plans from the ad as a basis, I created my own visualizations and tried to show the home's potential. Located in Orsa, Sweden. 

Rendered in Corona Render. 

The Artise


First time creating a city render, with shared base files from the client. 

Catching the last light of the day with an areal shot in a blue hour mood, combining 3D modeling and matte painting. From the project Urban Architecture, with a focus on exterior visualizations, the assignment was to create an interesting interpretation of Amazon’s future office building in the cityscape of Bellevue.

 Rendered in Vray. 

Nordic Cabin


From a simple 3D sketch, the goal here was to visualize an idea concept with a focus on storytelling and artistic values. With inspiration from a trip to Lofoten, Norway in 2019, I've used a lot of my own images to create the atmospheric mood of a small wooden cabin in the north of Norway. 

Moodboard, process and inspiration down below. 

Matte painted in Photoshop.

Chair Modeling


Chair Project from 2020. All focus on modeling from scratch, in this case, the Mebla dining chair that is inspired by the Danish design. Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer, Germany.



Last project of the year. Pick some scenes from a previous project or create a simple scene, and create an animation in 3ds Max with limited knowledge. Focus on interesting camera moves and post-processing in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. 

Added some real footage to build the story. 

Music from Epidemic Sound.

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