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Metres Away G.Ex

Metres Away G.Ex

by aliask and yting66 on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Locked up in our rooms, tired of the pandemic, yet our creativity never stops. As we reach the end of our Digital Media course, we will embark into a new world. Metres away from reaching it, we were struck with the pandemic Using our imagination, we turn ourselves into mini "Minastras".

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Metres Away Online Graduation Exhibition

Locked up in our rooms, tired of the pandemic, yet our creativity never stops.

We are a class of 17 Digital Media students with different unique skills and personalities. As we are graduating soon, we had to plan an exhibition to showcase our works as part of our school's course and for us to expose ourselves to the public's eye.

We started off brain storming for a name and a theme. After weeks of discussing, we came up with the idea of using a Bedroom as an environment. It was the place we spent one third of our whole school diploma's program studying at as we were hit by the pandemic.

The name Metres Away popped up in one of our discussions and it became widely accepted very quickly by all the class members. It stands for being metres away from our goal of graduating, so close, yet so far. It came as a joke initially, due to the fact we had to socially distanced, but slowly it made sense.

Metres Away Logo Design

We had an overall blue tone to our theme as it really fits what its like to be in our room at night, staying up late and finishing our assignments.

Character Design

In this room, we turn ourselves into mini hooded figures, called "Minastras". These small figures allow us to become more free and creative. You ask how? Well, since we're stuck in our rooms, we take what we have into appreciation. Becoming small in a known place makes it unknown. Our perspective changes - and we turn this small room into a giant playground.

2D Character Design

We started off with 2D characters due to time constraint of still having other assignments, but we still wanted content and posts to go out. Each character is designed based on their human's personality and accessorized to hold a token/glowing object of their liking.

3D Character Design

The 3D characters are all modelled and UV mapped using Cinema4D. They are a mirror image of the 2D character design but in 3D form, as it is important for you to see our next step.

Room Environment

Nothing screams night more than a cool blue tone. The quiet time of night is where we spent a lot of our time rushing our assignments and it perfectly resembles us. In order to bring our 3D characters into life, we modelled a 3D room small, yet big enough to fit all of us inside.

Room Development

There are 3 important sections to the room. They are different zones that will showcase our different capabilities and skills. The 3 zones are UI/UX zone, Motion Graphic Zone and Production zone.

Social Media Posts

One of our main platform for showcase our works and to keep audience updated was through social media. We initially started off by creating posts relevant to current events to get the page started before jumping into our own content.

GIF Stickers

In order to help promote our exhibition even further, we create a set of stickers. This was done early on but took awhile to get running. These gif posts encourage people to not only view our exhibition but can also be part of it.


We created a small set of merchandise to be sold. These merchandise would help cover the cost of our web hosting fees and other expenses. It would also hold as a memory of the fun times we had in college and the bump rides we had planning the exhibition.

Website Launch Teaser

Metres Away Virtual Exhibition

With the 3D Room fully modelled and materials are put for every item asset, we proceeded rendering and and exporting 360 views in different sections of the room.

Isometric View

360 View

You can view the room in 360 over at or scroll down to see a walkthrough.

Screenshots of different sections of the 360 room.

360 Virtual Room

Using Pano2VR, we created a 3D room that is interactable. Browsing through you are able to go to different sections and view each of the members portfolios as well as get their social links.

Website Design

The Virtual Room is only available to be browsed through using desktop. If you are on mobile, you will be redirected to the main webpage. The main webpage is responsive and can be viewed with both mobile and desktop. It contains more information about us as well as talks about our projects in more detail. The website is created using bootstrap, html and Dreamweaver.

Website UI Icons

Name Card

A simple name card to show our Minastras as well as a short description with links.

Visit Our Exhibition!

Our exhibition can be accessed through the link below:

President & Vice President

Justin Khaw Jia Min

Khaw Kai Xuan

Promotional Team

Yeoh Shuh Hong

Lau Yu Hern

Lee Jie Yee

Chan Sue Lynn

Ng Chong Chun

Technical Team

Nelson Mak Kah Chun

Ch'ng Wen Xin Winni

Lee Xue Li

Chong Jian-Xiong

Lau Hui Ming

Design Team

Lim Zhi Han

Lee Enhui

Effie Chan Yu Ting

Chong Jun Yo

Khong Yong Ting

We also like to give a special thank you to our lecturers Leong Wai Khong, Wilmer, Jeremy, Adzlin and Joel for teaching and guiding us through the last 3 years! We are extremely grateful!

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