Street explosions Vfx

Street explosions Vfx

Pau Llopart Cervello
by paullopart on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey! This is my entry for the contest, I made this project for school to get better at Pyro. I hope you like it!

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Street Explosions Vfx

Project breakdown

Hey! In this project I wanted to create a war scene to get better at Pyro. In the first versions of the shot I had a very vertical camera, but I quickly realized that my laptop wouldn't be able to handle that kind of approach as the simulation was so big and almost full frame. Then looking at references I thought that if I place some objects covering the closest zones of the simulations (the sandbags barrier) I wouldn't need to cache with a super high resolution and also the render times will be lower. I started testing simulations and made two groups of explosions, that will have slightly different simulation and shading values to give more randomness. (See image below)

Then after having the Pyro emitter, I used those to emit sparks and debris. Sparks had an emissive material and with the motionblur from the render I archieved the look that I was looking for. The debris simulation emitted "asphalt" pieces. Having the following result

All the models used in the scene are 3d scanned models. I started rendering and the shot didn't had enough depth. All seemed first plane and in line. So I moved one group of explosions away from the camera, and added some cars to the scene, one of those will fly away deforming a little bit in the process. You can see the changes below. I hope you like it! :D

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