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Kitchen with animation

Kitchen with animation

Maja Cederborg
by majaarchviz on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A project where I modeled a kitchen which I also used in an animation project. Scroll down and you can see the process from sketch to final result and the animation.

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This is a project where I took my time to model a kitchen. My vision was to make it modern with dark oak kitchen doors with black details and a terazzo stone counter top.

This project was also a part of an animation project that I just finished in school. My vision with the animation was to create that perfect morning, with an open window in the summer that brings the sound of birds in to your ears. You have also just baked some crossaints in the oven so they are still warm with an amazing smell. And a cup of coffee to that. 

Process from sketch to final result.

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