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3D Generalist Demo Reel - Erick Ortiz

3D Generalist Demo Reel - Erick Ortiz

by erickortiz on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey everyone!! This is my entry to the Rookie Awards 2021, here I show my reel and some breakdowns of the projects that I worked on from my studies at Vancouver Film School.

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Group project that I worked with my friend Erik Aguilar, this are the shots that I worked on.

Look Development, Modeling and Texturing (Satellite), Lighting, Compositing & FX (RBD, nhair, nCloth, FLIP Simulation).          

Already submitted this project for the Film of the year category, check the entry here:

Barcelona Pavilion

Another group project, this time with Audrey Ayoub (Lighter/Compositor)

For this project I was in charge of the environment modeling/texturing, and the textures for the statue and chairs.

You can go and check her entry at:

Stockholm Cartoon City

During my second term at Vancouver Film School we had a group porject in which we had to build a Cartoon City. This is the final presentation of my Kitbash. Also I decided to practice a little bit using ACES color space, it was a great learning experience.

Model, Texture, Lighting & Compositing.

Realistic Kitchen

Even though this project its not in my demo reel, its something that I worked during my first term at VFS, I was very pleased with the outcome of this project, it required a lot of research on trying to replicate many of the objects in here, but in the end I managed to get a lot of info  that make this look as realistic as possible.

Layout, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting.


This project is very specail to me because it enable me to get a scholarship to study at VFS, this was the project that make it pssoble for me to get a chance to study at this school, so this is more of an honorable mention. I wouldn't be here without the hard work that I put into this project, which is also a collab with my friend Erik Aguilar.

Look Development, Layout, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Compositing.

You can find the video of the project here:

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