Art of Maxine Wong

Art of Maxine Wong

by MaxineWong on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! My name is Maxine Wong, an aspiring artist from Malaysia! I do illustrations, concept arts and visual development!

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I love to play with lights and composition to tell stories. Here are some environment concepts and key art illustrations that I did during my college time.


Environments is one of my favourite subjects to explore. It is an efficient and fun way of presenting world building. I had lots of fun combining 3D tools into the 2D workflow, it speeds up the process more.

Key Illustrations

How to tell stories with just one single image? is the question I always ask myself.

Presented below were the projects that I had chance to work on during college. They came in different art style and team size, thus bringing different learning experiences.


Base around Greek culture, a story about Eirene goddess of Dreams has been chosen by her human-hating father to go down to Earth to end human civilisation, her three other siblings get extremely jealous of her being favoured by her father and decide to teach her a cruel lesson by ridding her of her powers.

Helpless and severely hurt, an old healer lady decides to aid her, in this time she learns empathy and the many more sides of humans.


A story about Badia, a young mischievous Arab sailor escaping the underworld with the help of Rukha, a clumsy spirit guide.

My first stylisation concept art and it was difficult at first, but I slowly get used to it and understand the concept of good silhouettes and visual hierarchy to create iconic looking characters.

Last Light

After nuclear explosion, a native Siberian soldier surviving alone in a cold harsh apocalypse world that's covered with snow everywhere, in search of food and resources for survival, he decided to leave the forest and ventures into the city, but what lays ahead is something more deadly.

I learned photo bash techniques for the first time here, finding the right references with the right keywords is not easy, but I'm quite happy with what I manage to achieve, despite having no prior experience on this method.

Paranormal Detective

A personal IP about a young energetic Tibetan detective who likes to investigate paranormal incidents in a big modern city. With the help of her grandma and younger brother, she manages to solves cases by cases and earn her name as the paranormal detective.

I was given full creative freedom and truly enjoy the process of building my own story and world. At first, I wanted to achieve a graphical art style like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but somehow along the way it slowly evolves into a mix of graphic and cell shading art style, and I really love it! 

I learn how to sculpt in ZBrush for the first time too, imagining and sculpting your character in 3D was an experience I never had before.


A short animation about a plant, Water Goddess and Sun God.

As this is a group project, keeping consistent art style across the whole pre- production period was very challenging. Multiple opinions and inputs from different people also make the decisions making process difficult. 

These are some of my artwork contributions for this project.

Personal Art

The playground for creativity! I like to explore different art style and subjects during my free time!

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