John and Mr. G

John and Mr. G

Emma Zhou
by emmamzhou on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Realistic human characters. Responsible for all aspects including sculpting, retopologizing, uv mapping, texturing, grooming, lookdev, lighting, and rendering.

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These two characters are my personal projects. Responsible for all aspects. The "John" project aimed to achieve a likeness of John Malkovich. The "Mr. G" project did not aim to approach a likeness, but I did have a reference which is Thomas Gibson. 

I used two different methods to create the two models. For "John" model, the facial details were made in ZBrush. In contrast, the facial details of "Mr. G" were created in Substance Painter. I wanted to explore different ways to create realistic characters. Through comparing those methods, I studied which way was faster and which way was better in different situation. I analyzed my works, techniques, and the industry environment. The projects are not only my daily practices but also a kind of practical research as what I always do.


"John" Breakdowns:

Final render, wireframe, sculpting (displacement), base color, roughness, AO, and XGen guides.

Mr. G

Mr. G Breakdowns:

Final render, white model, XGen guides, base color, roughness, AO, and facial expressions (blendshapes).

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