Navya Johnson - Concept art

Navya Johnson - Concept art

Navya Johnson
by Navyjohns on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In order to tell many stories and help visualize unique ideas I hope to master Concept art and Illustration. I got to improve and learn many skills the past years working on projects during the course I'm currently completing.

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Prima Divinis

The first project I'll be showcasing is called `Prima Divinis´ a world that blends sci-fi  and medieval genres about priests and paladins wielding a dark power called the ¨Shala¨ and the rebel tribes who need to claim back their invaded homelands.

I've focused on the rebels and the areas they would be exploring in this world. The way to the main city and what they'll have to encounter there.

The Bridge

I've also explored some props and characters that fit into this world

Goya's head

The next project is called `Goya's´ head which is a game from the perspective of the slowly unravelling artist as he succumbs to the darkest fears in his own mind.

Hallway and street merging

I used basic 3d sketches and added details to explore some lighting and mood variations for this room in the painter's house

And lastly some other work from projects in class 

Prop design

Spirit side

The following is from an original animation short story idea that I had about a woman who finds herself  in a fantastical world of unknown creatures and spirits hidden deep in a huge rainforest. 

Flora study

The warning

Thankyou for taking the time to view my work! 

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