Sleeping With The Fishes - Concept Art

Sleeping With The Fishes - Concept Art

Jake Miller
by JakeMiller on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My contributions to a collaborative game prototype project in my second year of Games Art & Design at NUA.

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Sleeping With The Fishes - Collaborative Game Prototype

For the last unit of my second year of Games Art & Design at NUA, we were put into teams and challenged to create a game prototype on the theme of 'Altruism'. My role on the team was to design the main character, help to establish the target look of the game, produce concepts for assets and UI, as well as texturing several assets. 

The Main Character

Making our game revolve around the theme of 'Altruism', the main character is a selfish captain that drowned at sea while trying to save his own life over the lives of his crew-mates. He's now trapped in his own surreal, nautical purgatory - challenged to save the lost souls of his crew-mates in one last shot at redemption.

Lost Souls Of Crew-mates 

Target Look Mock-Up

With limited time, the team needed an effective and economic art style that was readable at low-poly and spoke to the surreal themes we wanted the game to have. I worked hard edged and layered brushstrokes into the surfaces of objects to suggest their material. Using Alexandru Constantinescu's initial UE4 blockout, I rearranged assets and painted over a screenshot to create this mock-up. 

Asset Concepts

Continuing to speak to the surreal nautical themes of the game, I playfully pushed and distorted the proportions of assets. 

Main Menu UI Concept

Trying for a minimal UI look, I incorporated bio-luminescent particles into the main menu concept to give it a  greater sense of depth.

Damage Effect UI Concepts

Needing a way to better convey the player was taking damage, the team needed a damage vignette.

Asset Textures

With models made by Edward Thornton, it was my job to capture the hard, hand-made brushstroke look of my concepts in the textures of the assets. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!

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