by NickChan on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here my both work was done at Think Tank . first one l choice Logan Hugh Jackman was my likeness character. Second was MAQUISARD, both are very fun project, completed and coming out , Hope you guys enjoy it and like it.

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References always was important part, I looking for images references online, different angles . Started Base mesh blockout in Zbrush used images l found, match proportions. Second step likeness sculpted, try match images as close as possible. 

Grooms is very fun part, take much time on hair, beard, chest and arm etc. Keep refined again and again, until look better same at l did the likeness.

One was my learned on this project was used ACES CG pipeline workflow for texturing, LookDev and Render to final images.

Texture XYZ for skin details.

Concept art by Johannes Palmblad, she was done in Think Tank as well. On this very challenge thing was she clothes, l used Marvelous Designer to process the clothes, used Zbrush for modified after.

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