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The Hound of the Underworld

The Hound of the Underworld

by Katerinaria on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

this character is my interpretation of the mythical Cerberus keeper of the underworld's gates. it constitutes my very first complete sculpt and game ready character. It was a project on my third semester on SAE Athens.

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The Hound from the Underworld. 

This character constitutes my interpretation from the Mythical Cerberus keeper of the Underworld's gates. 

  The Hound of the Underworld is my very first complete game ready character . This project was made as my third semester project on SAE Athens. It was also my first complete sculpt. With this project I acquired the knowledge and experience on the pipeline of game ready character creation from start to finish.

 My character's aesthetic is supposed to give a dark and spooky feeling. The reference I used was a mix of rat and a famine with abnormal long limps and tail. 

 The sculpt was made on Zbrush and 3ds Max was used for retopology and unwrapping. Also the pose was made in 3dsMax with bones and skinning. Textures and Bakes were made in Substance Painter. The final renders and turntables were made in Marmoset toolbag.

 The making of the sculpt was kind of challenging. Not only because it was my very first project made in ZBrush and I had to learn the software on the way but also because I had to create a nonexistent character made from my imagination with extremely long limps.  Simultaneously it made it the most enjoyable part of the project.

The sketches were made on Photoshop. You can see the stages from the first concept of a rat-like creature to the final Hound of the Underworld.

Hope you enjoy! 

Thank you!

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