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Annina Weber
by annina on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my Intermediate Final Project at Think Tank Online, based on a concept by Sam Hogg called "A Dark Glance": I had a lot of fun developing this character, hope you enjoy

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My priority for this project was to keep the mood and expression really similar to the concept. I wanted him to look like he's been through some rough times but his exact story is up for interpretation.

For that, I really enjoyed painting his skin texture, layering redness, bruises, sun damage, and scars to get away from that heroic, pristine look. 

I used XGen for all the fuzz on the clothing, facial hair, and the strands coming from under the turban. Afterwards I added fibermesh peachfuzz to the face alongside more beard stubble and stray hairs to make the eyebrows messier.

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