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Pierre - Official Teaser Trailer

Pierre - Official Teaser Trailer

Matěj Šak
by MattShackard, fravenmort, and mrmtrnvsk on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Pierre is a brand new story in development about living rocks made of digital Blender clay, developed by our student 3Dumplings team in Zlin, Czech republic. This teaser demonstrates the main topic, characters, visual style, and mood.

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Pierre is a brand new story about living rocks, developed by our student team in Zlin, Czech republic. The teaser was made with Blender and we focused on connecting the CGI advantages with the beauty of traditional puppet/clay animation techniques.

The characters are stones, but we wanted to make them cute. The body shapes are based on character design concepts by Miriama Trnavská, who was later also responsible for rigging. This anatomy was hard to grasp because we wanted the limbs to be retractable, but Miriama found a way to get it done.

The environment design was inspired by the northern lands (Norway, Iceland..). Sofiya Gorokh made these unique designs based on real plants from that area and we turned them into the clay CGI form in Blender.

The lighting and the 3D environment were made by me in Blender. Finding the right colors was challenging, but I believe we found an interesting pallete. 

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