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Carla's Sandwich

Carla's Sandwich

Jovita Luis
by jovitaluis on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Project for my 3rd year Diploma at The One Academy while learning about VR and AR in Unity.

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Objective:  create Immersive Media for teens from an exiting storybook.

Media: Google Cardboard VR & 2D

Synopsis: The chosen storybook is called Carla's Sandwich. It's about Carla who gets bullied by her classmates because she brings weird sandwiches to school every day. One day when they went to a picnic in the park, Buster, one of her worst bully didn't bring his sandwich so he had to eat Carla's, he unexpectedly likes it and everyone in class too, they promised to bring creative sandwiches to school. When everyone brings their creative sandwich to school, Carla only brings pb&j and she said because she likes to be different.

Target Audience: 13 -15 years old, female

Age 13-15 is where they start to worry about physical appearances as they hit puberty; they are usually self-conscious and feels like the world revolves around them and starts having body image issues since they develop at a different pace, they feel the changes in their body that might not appear in their peers. So I think this age is suitable to convey the message with a simple gameplay.

3D environment development

2D Animation development

Full Video Walkthrough

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