Wendy Huang - 3D Motion Design and Animation 2021

Wendy Huang - 3D Motion Design and Animation 2021

Wendy Huang
by wendyhuang on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I enjoy the process of telling story or expressing ideas through visual arts. Also setting keyframes to make characters or objects alive is always appealing to me. Being a motion designer fulfills both. My name is Wendy. Hope my work brings you joy. :D ___Link to my first project: https://vimeo.com/565190730

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mini matters

These common little things in our everyday lives are putting every effort to make our lives amazing. The story alludes to the point that even the smallest strength can keep the world turning as the inspiration that every effort is valuable so never give up.

This is my final project at SCAD. Alex needs a nap after a whole day of work from home. An accident happens during his nap. Those mini things in his living room try hard to do their jobs, keep everything normal for Alex to take a good nap. 

The story is easy and even a little silly. It shows that every process of design inspires me to experience my life more thoroughly through my journey in school. The mini stuff in our lives all matters.

Initial sketch and final style frame of environment exploration.

Color and Texture pattern exploration of the assets.

Process of 2D/3D compositing.

UPLOAD | Show Package

This project was to remake a show package/brand identity for a television show by researching and analyzing its current show package.

Upload is a US science fiction comedy TV series created by Greg Daniels. The show premiered on May 1, 2020 on Prime Video. The second season is postponed due to the pandemic.

In the future, people can upload their consciousness to a virtual afterlife. After a car crash, Nathan dies and gets uploaded to a virtual resort where he meets his customer service representative, Nora. They get along and help each other to overcome the problems they face.

The title sequence will be a journey that people will experience during the Upload. People will start from the Upload machine and turn into codes. Not many details of the story will be revealed in order to stay mysterious. The elements which represent the codes will float, move and interact with others to indicate that the codes were humans and the relationship between them.

TV series footage: UPLOAD - Amazon Prime Video

This toolkits montage includes the branding elements (thumbnail, lower third, graphic design and social media feed) which followed the design concept of title sequence.

Social media post.

Design development of the title sequence.

Thank you:)

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