Abbie Bosworth 2021

Abbie Bosworth 2021

Abbie Bosworth
by abbiebosworth on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I'm a storyteller first. I love visualizing the fantasy landscapes of my mind and pulling others into these worlds with me.

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Into the Night

"Into the Night" was my senior project. Taking inspiration from a novel I'd written, I wrote and recorded a song, and created this lyric video to go with its release. 

Moving Monuments

There are four moving monuments at the edges of the Wastes, a vast desert landscape. Each temple serves a unique spiritual purpose –– read more about them below.

Schitt's Creek Toolkit

I've always thought that the original Schitt's Creek title was far too simple in contrast with the show's upbeat and friendly personality. In my re-design, I focused on those light-hearted elements by incorporating bright colors, textures, playful shapes, and references to the narrative.

Narnia Titles

For this title sequence, I photographed light-art and edited them to create these fractals. I wanted to capture the childhood wonder in ordinary things, like the magic of sunlight through a glass, or finding snow in the back of a wardrobe. This whimsy is a main theme of the story. The resulting fractal patterns allude to the never-ending winter that the children encounter when they travel through the wardrobe.

If We All Die Tomorrow

The lyrics of this song are a bit dark and morbid, but the melody is light and the energy is high. I used playful type design and bright colors to bring more attention to that contrast. I designed each lyric as its own vintage poster but I still wanted it to feel cohesive.

I made this project for my first class that was pushed online due to COVID-19. These words resonated at the time, and I imagined them on posters plastered across my city. I thought it would have been a nice thing to see. 

PBS Logo Reveals


Design frames

Fear makes people more susceptible to manipulation. It drives us to make rash judgments, allowing opportunities for misinformation to be accepted as fact. This project highlights the importance of media literacy and being a skeptical consumer of content. 

Dune Titles

I wanted to re-make the titles for the 1984 Dune film because I felt that there was a lot more that could have been done in the original. Frank Herbert's worlds are so vibrant; I wanted to incorporate bright colors and lean into the excitement that I get from science fiction.

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