It's a bird, it's a plane, it's concept art!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's concept art!

Vanessa Kimberly Jinu
by vkjinu on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Projects I've done for school! Consisting of two projects and matte painting pieces. These were done in a span of a year.

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Light is an IP about an adventure in the afterlife for Basic Concept Design class.


Set, during the time of the Russian Empire, the story follows a little girl called Annika who fell into a coma after an accident. I designed her attire based on the lower class people of that era.

It took me awhile to figure out how to make unique shapes for the character. I experimented with various shapes and forms while sticking to the keyhole silhouette because I want her head to stand out. I ended up with the one with a slightly sharper shape because it fits her personality.


During her coma, her spirit enters the afterlife and meets a spirit guide called Ziya.

Ziya acts as a guide and also guardian to Annika as he helps her find her way back to the living world.

Ziya is a slavic creature of light. His characteristics are combinations of a stork, bear and amur lemming. 

Amur lemmings: Wild hamster-like species native to Russia

Storks: In Slavic mythology, they deliver unborn babies from Heaven.

Bear: One of the symbols of Russia.

The tip of his tail resembles a candle wick for an extra touch.

The Gate

This building is a mirror gate building with an onion dome. It's a gateway between the afterlife and the mortal realm. This is where Annika's journey in the afterlife ends.

In Russian culture, mirrors are believed to be a portal to the afterlife. Hence, the mirror gate. While onion domes, a significant design in Russian architecture, are believed to be candle lights and a passage to heaven.

Isn't She Lovely

Concept Art

 A collaborative project between my friends and I for a Concept Art class. The story follows a mermaid who has taken refuge on a neighboring planet after the destruction of hers. She has to her true form as the by containing herself in a magical glass ball as the people of this planet are not friendly to her kind.

I was in charge of designing a side character called Marquise, who is a noble and friends to the princess of the planet. She takes part in bullying the main character. I also designed a creature, machine, prop and environment for the world building.

Layout designed by Ong Lyanne

Key Art and Poster Art 

Illustrations of scenes that occurred in the story and a promotional poster art. Characters featured are main characters designed by other members of the collaborative project.

Celeste designed by Ong Lyanne

Prince and Isn't She Lovely logo designed by Tai Huan Yee

Key Art 01 Diamond Princess (Prince) falling onto the ice lake, creating a crack on it.

Key Art 02 Goldfish (Celeste) in her true form attempting to save Diamond Princess (Prince) who is sinking further into the lake.

Poster Art Goldfish (Celeste) surrounded by the magic of her inner self.

Matte Painting

I recently just completed my Matte Painting class. The process is a struggle for me but I learned a lot from my lecturers, they were very patient gave me helpful feedback. The class gave me knowledge and skills I can use outside of Matte Painting.

That is all. Thank you for viewing!

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