Passion and Studies  - Concept Art

Passion and Studies - Concept Art

by Diyana on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, my name is Diyana! I am here to share my university work which I did for my course at University of South Wales and present some of my personal projects. I am passionate about designing believable fiction worlds for games and my goal is to work in the industry field of concept art. I want to develop my style in con

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The City of the White Ibex

This is my latest university project. The module is based on world-building skills and world design, the story and art direction are based on the description from our brief.

“The world lives on and in water. Society had to adapt when the seas stole the world from us. As time stood still people had to move and live in a new normal of restrictions and rations.”

My choice of story is focused on the survivors of a flood apocalypse who have withdrawn to the mountain peaks to avoid the rising water and have settled in the last remaining stretches of land. The concepts depict their city during the harsh winter period. The art direction and elements are based on the new culture that the citizens of the city created from legends of the white ibex which led them to the peek and saved them from the water.
With this project, I wanted to show the citizens in the city and their everyday life by designing a small family. The second part of the project was to create a final environment piece depicting the city. 

Cryptozoologist' office 

This project is from my first term in my course. The idea of the brief was to make us practice our skills in indoor and prop design including a small creature design in part two of the module.

The first part of the brief was to create a cryptozoologist office by including details and story-building elements. As an important part of my design, I created a quick story that gave the process a direction. The story is told through the journal of the cryptozoologist which is found in the office and depicts his journey as well as the monsters he is researching. I also decided to add a quick character design to add personality to the project inspired by the 80s era period.

In the second part of the module, I had to design a miniature living area with a creature that lives in it. I wanted to give it a bit of a background story by connecting it to the previous exercise and the story of the cryptozoologist. I did this by adding the terrarium in the office design above and giving a brief story of the creature

Personal Work

Some work I did on the side during the year as personal projects and studies. I am extremely passionate about concept art and design layout, so I try to organize and design every personal project or digital study I do. I am more focused on character design as I been practicing it for longer, but I am currently trying to practice environment studies in digital and traditional mediums when I have some free time. Recently I have been working on some personal projects by creating concepts for classmates and friends that work in 3D. I am using this to get feedback from 3D modelers on how effective my concepts are for use for modeling. 

I want to thank everyone who spent time to go through my showcase and explore my art. This entry was extremely motivational for me, as I went through all the work I did this year and saw once again how much my skills have grown.

Thank you!

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