Lyanne Ong  - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

Lyanne Ong - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

Lyanne Ong
by lyannetc on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I'm Lyanne! I'm honored to be able to participate in this years Rookie awards. My goal is to become a successful visdev artist in the future as I love storytelling through my artwork. I hope you enjoy my work !

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Art as an Anecdote:

Art has been the one thing that's constant in my life.  I've always enjoyed storytelling and expressing through my work as it has always brought me solace.  I hope you enjoy your time here! :)



A mermaid who is in constant fear and anxiety hides in a glass liquid ball after surviving the apocalypse that befalls her planet now lives on a neighbouring planet where she meets the Diamond Princess who gives her trouble.

I was handed an opportunity to team up with a few close friends of mine to create our group IP and we ended up triumphant of what we created! We took inspiration from Baroque and Art Deco and ended up mixing both as a core style for the entire project.

My lovely teammates involved in this: 
- Ong Li Jing
- Vanessa Jinu
- Tai Huan Yee


I liked the idea of Celeste wearing blue in her uniform due to her feeling lonely and not fully herself as she's forced to conceal her true identity to blend in with the other students.  Our group decided to choose a goldfish as the muse for her design hence her orange hair and skin. When Celeste is in her fish form, she is glowing with warmth and happiness, contrasting the greys and blues of her uniform.

Celeste and Diamond Princess making a promise. Diamond Princess designed by: Tai Huan Yee


On the day of the festival for the Yemaya offering, Leandro chases to save a small child from heading for the sea. She finds herself caught up in the harsh currents of the sea, and in the next moment, all she sees is black. When she comes into, she sees the beach. Peculiar things start to happen - every day, at a certain time, the blues of the water dulls to a harsh grey, she sees the child again, and when she is unable to save her, the day restarts.

A project for a class where we had to design a concept based on a country where I chose Brazil. In my research, I stumbled upon a festival celebrated by Brazilians where they give offerings to the goddess Yemaya, the Ocean Goddess. I made this the core inspiration of my story. I named the project Riveria based on the surname of the main character — a lifeguard who ends up in the afterlife during a festival for Yemaya.


A devoted lifeguard who ends up in the afterlife after trying to save a drowning girl by the beach during the Yemaya festival. Her garments are inspired by the dresses worn by women during the festival. 


The guardian of the island that Leandro ends up in. He's sarcastic and snobby and often at odds with Leandro.

I wanted to play with irony as the thought of having an old snobby guardian in a small stubby stature is funny. He also acts as a foil for Leandro in the story.


In the afterlife, Leandro wakes up in a beach island surrounded by the sea. There is an old shipwrecked boat in a middle of the island, resembling the handmade boats offered to Yemaya. When the seas get dark, the shipwrecked ship comes alive surrounded by angry waves, along with a past that haunts Leandro. Along the beach, there are washed up offerings for the goddess Yemaya, lined with various seashells, mirrors, watermelons and candles.


Here lies my personal projects during my downtime. I love doing screencap studies, characters and sketching and I often indulge in creating fanart!

Thank you for taking your time to view this! I hope you enjoyed the work!

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