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Concept Art and Illustration - Terrarium

Concept Art and Illustration - Terrarium

Salomé Busurashvili
by salomebusurashvili on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, my name is Salomé! I'm about to graduate BUas Breda as a concept artist. This entry includes my personal project as part of my graduation. Hope you enjoy it!

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Terrarium is a personal project as part of my graduation.
Next to working on this, I did some client work and other small projects to contribute to my concept outsourcing experience. In total, I spend about ten weeks developing this in between everything else. 

It's an idea I had for a previous school game project that I provided older concepts for, and I decided to work this vision out.

You can read the narrative in the images themselves with their visual representation, but I included a summary below as well.

Narrative Summary:

The main premise is that the world starts pushing technological body modifications as fashionable items. Causing a trend of people removing healthy body parts in order to meet those standards.
This all is set in motion by the leading monarch who profits tremendously from these series of events since his court exists of scientists developing this technology.

However, during one of the court's experiments, they accidentally created a virus that starts to modify the genetic make-up of all organic life. This started a crisis of natural resources, experiencing a major shortage in plants and thus food as well. Inverting the values of the world, such as wood being more valuable than any amount of gold or diamonds.

Sketches and Process behind the development 

Colour change: originally I started with a more watercolour look and pastel palette. I decided later to tie the props and characters together with some older and bolder colours that would fit the punks better. That's when I wanted the car to have extra dimensionality, so I rendered it a bit more. If I were to ever continue this project, I would love to mix this more with the hand-drawn style.

I hope you enjoyed my project and my concepts. Thank you for going through my entry! 

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