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My Little Concept World

My Little Concept World

Mark Convers
by Pumpkinfanta on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello Everyone! I am Concept Artist who has a heart for complicated game worlds, good guys with deep characters, and bad guys with charisma and interesting motivation for their actions. Today I would like to present to you some of the latest projects that I created during my studies at CG Spectrum College.

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The World of Gargantua (Post-Fuel War Universe)

      A story set in the far future in an alternative galaxy. The end of organic life is near, all planets ended their existence in bloody Fuel Wars. Many races united in co-living on gigantic technological planets( Inter-Space Cities). Fuel for the spaceships is very expensive and hard to get without being a part of the special permission program or become a merchant or government worker. The only other way to get fuel is to become an assassin or pirate. 

The first project I would like to present to you is my personal project that I just finished in the 3rd term of my studies in CG Spectrum.  The goal of this project was to create a villain character in any setting I would like. As a big SciFi fan, I wanted to put this guy in the complex alternative futuristic world. I'm enjoying complicated projects and villains with motivation and charisma. So my example for this one was Thanos, with his cool-looking armor, visually obvious power, and interesting history.  Design-wise I have many projects with humanoids in my portfolio so I wanted to create alien with features of animal or creature. 

Duke J.Barlow, Captain of the Pirates of the Hollow Mask

     Duke J.Barlow is the last of his race. His race was almost destroyed at the beginning of Fuel Wars. Duke lost all his family and kept only Omnis, the piece of the ancient forgotten technologies and family heirloom, and his title just as a symbol and memory. He sees the corporation of technological planets as his main enemy because the people standing in the lead of them are those who start Fuel War for some political motives. Barlow is looking for revenge and the lost technologies of his race to get to his family's secret place. The goal of his revenge is the destruction of all technological planets, and the duke doesn't care to use any methods on his way.

The idea of Duke's concept was based on the classical Japanese anime about transformers, with odd massive details and a bunch of bright effects.   But first was a search for the pose and basic look of Barlow.

                                                                    Early sketches

Different options of race look and poses. 

after choosing a pose, I was thinking about the base of his armor and face. In the end, I decided to stop on more lizard appearances. 

                   Antares, Duke's favorite two-edge sword

Simple 3d model of the sword with photoshop paint over on top of it. The main idea of Duke's weapon was that his sword was supposed to look powerful but simple-made at the same time. The opposing-side placing of the sword's blades let Barlow the ability to spin it around delivering strong AOE damage. The purple sphere is indicating readiness to do a special attack. 

              Omnis, Ancient Technological Power Booster

Technological booster supposed to look strong and stable while bright effects were presenting hidden power inside. 

Search for the Omnis design.

                                                      Pirates of Hollow Mask Design Search

I wanted to keep the skull image that was always representing pirates. I add some futuristic elements that at the same time would present the name of the Hollow Mask pirates. Even that I was trying to concentrate on the skull symbol, I still was checking other options. 

                                                                Final View on Designing Process

In the end, I really like to work with this character and I will continue adding more interesting concepts to the world of Gargantua and post-fuel Wars.                           


                            Year 3000

Another interesting project that I would like to present to you is not connected to the Gargantua world directly but still set in the SciFi world of Cyberpunk. I was always interested in the topic of AI and the mechanical form of life, how far we can go in technologically upgrading our body until we will not be humans anymore and other philosophical questions that the Cyberpunk genre raises. That's what I was looking for in my next project called Year 3000.

The cyber revolution pushed almost all service workers from their jobs, they were changed by the newest version of high-intelligent androids. While one part of humanity found this as an opportunity for self-education and endless joy, the other part saw the fast-growing population of androids as a deadly threat to human existence. Some of the former military, police officers, and former gang members create an anarchist militant organization called DFA (Death For Androids) to start an underground war with androids and corporations. While some of the members of DFA are fanatics, others just feel disgust, unreasonable hate, and fear towards androids who start developing self-awareness.

                   3mm3 Sparks, one of the leaders of DFA

3mm3 Sparks ( Emme Sparks at birth) is a former police officer, one of the leaders of DFA who is standing in the origins of this organization. She has the most sadistic methods of killing the androids and their supporters. Her husband and little daughter died in a mysterious incident involving the android bus driver-terrorist. Since that day 3mm3 turn whole her life in the act of vengeance.

Sparks' favorite weapon is a stolen from the army developments EvErsor, a smart submachine gun, which has very detailed settings set up for the owner.

In the picture above you can see the smart gun working process and its final 3D model that was successfully integrated into the main concept art of the character. 

                                  Pizza-Boy Android

Android workers are trying to become part of society but are getting abused by many. They are trying to behave like people, smile at them, live lives, even that they are so different. In the hands of corporations, these android workers are the same tools as the poor and middle-class part of humanity.

The current project is presenting one of these androids. Pizza-boy, who is not just delivering the best diet pizza named 03, is also walking advertisement board where anyone could put their own advertisement. The diet pizza is only coded information in your brain, which is bringing unreal experience that is even better than a real pizza used to be. Of course, if you don't have a stomach implant you could stay hungry after. All big companies are owned by the International Unity of Corporations, that's why pizza has name 03, technically it is completely the same company as all other numbers of pizza.

I wanted to show androids from a little bit comical view and add an uncanny valley effect to the face and gestures of the droid. So the player would see them first as creepy and maybe even dangerous creatures but in the process of the game, the player would get an opportunity to overthink and change the opinion about them. 

The main symbol of the android characters is a misunderstanding and the ability to change the point of view.

                  Environment Concepts

I would like to finish my showcase with a few environment concepts that I did in very different settings and styles at 2nd Term in Cg Spectrum.

                      Prehistoric game level concept design

The goal was to create a level concept design for a stylized video game based on provided simple 3D model. The theme was centered on prehistoric times with a protagonist is a caveman. So I decided not to pass throw the most obvious way and put the main character in the world where all trees are gigantic mushrooms.

                                 Post-apocalyptic project

The last project for today is Paint over for the post-apocalyptic world. The goal here was to create any design and setting that I would like, so I used this opportunity to create a concept influenced by one of my favorite games (Last of Us). For this project, I used all the available tools that I had: starting with photobashing and ending with the use of a set of unique procreate brushes. 

In conclusion, I would like like to say thank you to everyone who found the time to check my projects, I will continue working hard to add more interesting Concepts to share. I hope you all have a nice and positive day in this complicated time. 


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