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The ancient Sanctuary, The Assassin & The Weapons

The ancient Sanctuary, The Assassin & The Weapons

Juan Guillen
by juanguillen on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello there, Here's my entry for this year. In here you can find a multitude of different 3D work I've been making for the past couple of years, going from environment to character, hopefully you like it ( the trailer for the environment might be a bit too intense ahah, better not have motion sickness)

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Let's dive right into it ! The Ancient Sanctuary is a real-time environment made using Unreal. It took me quite a while but I learned a lot about unreal, I really enjoyed making the "trailer" for it, I went a bit overboard with it but I had quite some fun doing so. 

Syton Kime - Character

I made these render in Unreal using a previous version of my character, posed him a bit so that he'd look more like the concept, tried taking some interesting angles as well and here are the results

Here is the latest version of my sculpt, I re worked aspects of it that I thought were lacking in the previous version, proportion wise and regarding the level of detail.

This is the work in progress I went through with this character, I was pretty happy with the blockout then the character had basically 3 major stages.

Based on the scary and stunning work by  Ivan Dedov, I mean look at him, he's pretty intense. The character I mean not Ivan. 

The next two projects are GameReady weapons, one made based on a concept and the other one is based on an existing weapon. 

HandGun - Astra Model 900 (GameReady) 

Sci-Fi Rifle

Most Awesome concept by Elijah McNeal

Yaaay you got til the end ! Glad you stuck through the whole thing, have a good day    ಠ⌣ಠ

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