Park in the City

Park in the City

Jessica Teague
by JessicaTeague219 on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone! This is my environment Park in the City. This was my first real experiment with stylized models and materials, and it was a really fun challenge to create something with a cohesive visual style without a basis in reality.

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For this environment, I struggled a lot with the layout and what scene I wanted to place these trucks in, as I knew I wanted to do food trucks but I wasn't exactly sure where to put them. I eventually decided on a park in a city (hence the name), but if I were to redo this project in the future I think it could be really interesting to place the trucks on a city street instead and investigate working with a more industrial environment. 

Here's a breakdown of my assets, their textured versions and polycounts.

I used this concept art for inspiration for the food trucks:

It was really fun to follow concept art for a project and try to emulate that style into 3D. In my scene, I also used some background foliage from Meadow - Environment Set on the Unreal Store.

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