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Environment Concept Art and Sci-Fi Vehicle Concept Art

Environment Concept Art and Sci-Fi Vehicle Concept Art

Tom Sterckx
by tomsterckx on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A few projects of sci fi vehicles, made with a workflow learned from Pablo Dominguez' LearnSquared course and other environment designs made for my Graduation Project 'Duat'.

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Sci-Fi Vehicle Designs

Amphibious Spaceship

Amphibious Spaceship Design made for Pablo Dominguez's LearnSquared Course. This ship was designed as a 2 person craft able to fly in the air but also possible make emergency water landing if needed. The moveable wings can come down and make it land on waters if necessary.

Desert Drag Racer

This vehicle is a single person drag racer for flat desert planes, it's not very manoeuvrable but great for racing in straight lines.

Space Pirates Ship

This ship is flown by a band of space pirates portal jumping through the universe fighting for their cause and ofcourse also stealing treasure. This ship design is inspired by nature (fish and birds).

Projects and Environments

Maasai Fantasy Project

School Project based around a story set in a fictional African world inspired by the Maasai Tribe. In the story the hero travels from his tribe's city to the Holy Mountain to confront a beast that has been slaughtering hunters of the tribe.

White Ruins Concept/Illustrations

'DUAT' Graduation Project (WIP)

Graduation Project that's still currently in progress. This worldbuilding project is set in the Egyptian Underworld (Duat) and takes place in dangerous fallen ruins and great cities.  Throughout the story you try to seek refuge in one of the great cities after yours has been destroyed, but you need to watch out for the demon Apep. Apep eats the wandering souls and tries to devour Ra, the sungod, when he passes through the underworld.

Thanks for checking out my submission!! For more art and to see the final results of my Graduation project follow my Artstation or Instagram. 

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