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OnePlus 8T Product Promotion

OnePlus 8T Product Promotion

Christen Chong Ying Qi
by ChristenChong on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

OnePlus 8T is a premium flagship phone released by OnePlus on Oct 2020. The aim of the product promotion video is to capture and preserve the branding of the product while adding in my own flavor through cinematography and motion graphics.

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Sleek and Innovative were the chosen concept for my promotion video. 

I'm presenting the premium finished of the phone by using the beauty shots for the sleek concept. For innovative concept, I'm presenting it by using the premium specs of the phone which are 5G connectivity, dual battery and 65w fast charging.


These are the main five set designs of the promotion video. It is a challenging task as I need to build various set of interior backgrounds as I'm not familiar with interior design. I compiled different references, sketch it out and imagine how it will look like in the outcome.


There are five sets of colour scheme for the sets design, the colours that I choose are based on the original colours of the phone which is Lunar Moon and Aquamarine Green.

The fifth colour scheme is mainly used in the dark environment, so it is more to neon colour scheme.


I also have make good use of the phone's screen for the transition(zooming into the chipset scene) and information(fast charging) by applying the video that I have did in After Effect. For the fast charging, I tried my best to mimic the original charging animation from OnePlus 8T.


Some of the best shots from the video.


Thank you! 

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