Tili's Atonement

Tili's Atonement

Oliver Harbour
by oliverharbour on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This started as a college assignment labelled confessions of a War Veteran. Immediately my head went to - ohh, I wonder how many stories an assassin could tell, and the sins they may have committed. I explored how this may manifest as an MTG style painting. This piece is the end result of exploring this narrative!

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Tili's Atonement

Tili is penning her confessions down on a scroll of atonement, telling of the terrors she committed as a Drallmaki Assassin. She has finally come to terms with the atrocities she has wrought upon her enemies and own kind. The pain of remembering all the suppressed feelings and memories of these actions is overwhelming, however, she must recount them to atone. The scroll of atonement makes the atoner relive the pain of their victims, and this is a very long scroll.


This piece started like any other, with a story. Here I was trying to explore the different ways I could portray the tale of Tili and her confession, but also make it read as an MTG style piece. I opted for a more open-fronted pose where you could see all of her pain and anguish. 

Colour Studies

Here I am experimenting with different colour pallets, as I wasn't sure how moody to make the painting. With some direction from fellow students and my tutor, we agreed on a more late afternoon light with a nice contrast between the warm light and cool blues of the rest of the room, which hopefully indicated she had been at her desk for most of the day!

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