Hexvac Handheld Vacuum

Hexvac Handheld Vacuum

by juliabohse on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hexvac is a new take on the handheld vacuum. With a dynamic, hexagonal body and accompanying discrete, wall-mounted charger, this vacuum is meant to be stored out in the open between uses rather than hidden in a closet or corner. Additionally, the easy-empty canister streamlines the cleaning process and allows the user

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There are many handheld vacuums on the market but very few that are designed for display. Typically, a user will store a vacuum in a closet or corner when not in use and when the vacuum is needed, it has to be dug out of its hiding spot to tend to spills and messes. The Hexvac challenges the notion that household cleaning instruments should be hidden away and instead encourages the user to keep their vacuum within reach without compromising the decor of the home. In addition to its seamless integration within the home, the Hexvac features an easy to empty canister that allows the user to remove the dirt trap using a vertical, upright motion rather than a horizontal or downward pulling motion that increases the risk for spills.

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