Lighting - Lookdev - Compositing Reel

Lighting - Lookdev - Compositing Reel

This is the Reel I produced after 6 months of studying at CineLight Academy where I focused on Lighting, Lookdev, and Compositing.

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     Pablo Franquebalme Alvarez


In this project, I was in charge of the lighting and compositing of the asset Grogu. It presented a lot of challenges because I had to create a clean plate for the background and to match the lighting of the scene using only the show as a reference. All in all, it was a very fun project where I got the opportunity to work with some great artists. 

Grogu face model by Melanie Delagarde 

Grooming and jacket model by Matias Toloza

Background Plate by Disney Animation Studios


This project was really fun because it was the first time I did all the aspects of it (aside from modeling). It presented a lot of challenges, it was my first time using Substance Painter for the textures. I really enjoyed the Lighting and Compositing part of the project, especially because it presented a lot of challenges in the cleanup of the BG (matching the movement of my clean patches with the rest of the carousel).

I'm really proud of this project because I feel that it was the one that pushed my limits as an artist.

Model by Manon Delcourt

Rig by Artem Dubinas

Background plate from Toy Story 4

Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Head Replacement

This was a very complex project for me. I was involved in the Lookdev of the textures, matching the Lighting of the scene on my model and the Compositing of the head asset on the final plate. 

Bust model from

Background plate from Fast and Furious 9 Trailer

The model of chappie was created by TH-Studio.

Wolf and Sword's models were created by Alexandro Rubio.

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