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Trésor - Short Film

Trésor - Short Film

Trésor is a short animated film made during our graduation year at Ecole Des Nouvelles Images in 2020. Directed by Alexandre Manzanares, Guillaume Cosenza, Philipp Merten and Silvan Moutte -- Roulet.

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Two explorers in search of lost treasure disturb the romance between an octopus and his beloved.

Here are early concept designs made during the early development stages of the film. These early researches helped to find an ambiance for the story, but also, to find the good balance of necessary elements, as we wanted to keep it simple but not void of detail. Seeing as we chose to emphasize the comical aspect of the movie, simplicity became our main rule and point of focus.

Trésor - Short Film features five different characters: They all have different acting traits, from the diver to the captain, from the seagull to the octopus and finally, Venus the figurehead. Each one of these characters evolves in a different context with different physics rules, we had to think of a specific rigging system for each of them.

Paul & Bernard

The octopus


The seagul

Rigging stands out as one of the major challenges of this film, especially for the octopus since many elements come into play. The goal was to find a balance between what could be achieved both creatively and technically. The result was a better understanding of how such a technical step can end up working to our advantage to achieve that cartoon feel we wanted from the start. Facial expressions were a great way to test out the character in every aspect, as well.

Visuals Effects

As the main story takes place in the open sea, we went through a lot of research and development for the water simulation to match our needs, both in terms of dynamics and look development. We also used simulation for the underwater sand dynamics.

Watch the full movie below. Password required.

The Team : Silvan Moutte -- Roulet, Alexandre Manzanares, Philipp Merten & Guillaume Cosenza.

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