Two Months in Concept

Two Months in Concept

Ana Mariño Rivadulla
by AnaMarinho on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! My name is Ana and this is the work I did in the last two months of learning in the UA School.

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To the Stars from Below

This story takes place in a XVI century where the tecnology is pretty advanced and the difference between social clases is big. This world is divided in 3 zones.

The 70% of the population works in the underground mines to give materials to the church and their followers (the novelty). Said material are the raw material for sustain that part of the society since it feeds both tecnology and structures of said classes. The novelty tries to evade the contact with the miners because they think they can transmit diseases or curses.

Dread, Destruction & Corruption 

This story takes place in a far future where aliens are trying to conquer the earth for its natural resources. Humanity is trying to stop them using manned robot controlled by the protagonists of the game.

Illustration Works

 I usually do fanart illustrations to put all my feelings for those franchises in a physical form. My favorite part of doing fanart is to being able to work with other people work and raise the little parts. Right now I work as freelance illustrator.

Persona5 Palaces Fanart Set

Fire Emblem Three Houses Fanart Set

Illustration Process

This is an example of my creative process for doing illustrations, I usually work with thumbnails for the main idea, and then select the best one for the initial idea

Thank you for watching my work! :D

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