by KGVFX21 on 21 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The Fall of the Gods of Egypt in the eye of the sandstorm

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Pharos is a final year university project completed over the course of the second lockdown in the UK, based on the fall of Ancient Egypt.

This was an exercise in the use of Vellum, Pyro and Grain simulations, in combination lookdev, shading, lighting and cinematography to create a truly cinematic narrative.

The narrative itself conveys the image of how the once prosperous Egyptian Empire, started to crumble during the advancements of time, and thus all that was left was a crumble civilisation confined to depths of ancient history.

From start to finish this has been one of the hardest tasks to undertake alone, especially during the current environment surrounding the pandemic. With the project being an extremely heavy simulation based piece, this project tested time management and patience to limit, with results that highlight a strong sense of development over the course of four months from January to April.


Soundtrack: Victor Cooper - Windwalker

Simulation, Modelling (Non-Statue), Texturing, Rendering, LookDev, Lighting, Cinematography, Editing, Compositing, Colour Grading - Keith Gillanders

Models sourced from:

I would like to thank my lecturers Dan McCarthy, Eleanor Ridson and Richard Harper for providing a great amount of support throughout the project and helping me push past my limits to produce what I believe to be one of my strongest pieces of work.

In addition this is also dedicated to my close family and friends without whom, this project would not have been as fun to experiment with. Their constant support and injections of humour and fin has helped me get through some of the tougher times with the project itself, so to them I say thank you. 

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