More time with Archviz

More time with Archviz

Sebastian Skou
by sebastianskou on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello. I've been spending the last year, doing some more archviz and CG related stuff. Been having some more fun wth it, and has been an incredibly rewarding and fun time. This entry contains all of the archviz related stuff I've been doing, for the last year. All assets are downloaded

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Sort & Sol

This project was made to practice my compositional skills.  I particularly wanted to play a bit more around with how I came up with them, in the early parts of the project, which meant trying some different things and doing clays renders in the early parts, which I usually never do.

Felt like this was a project, which made some really positive contributions to my workflow, which was a great experience. 

I'm also a  sucker for dark rooms, so it was fun to try my hand at them again.

Spent about 6 days of work on the project. 

3DS Max, V-ray, Photoshop.

Trondheimsveien 8

Started on this project, after doing an archviz course, for some weeks, and wanting to implement some of the things I learned. Was very satisfying to work on, and fun to see how much my workflow had changed since before the course. 

Felt like I landed on a more "contrasty" style, which I would like to return to a bit more in the future.

3DS Max, V-ray, Photoshop.

AhlGade 29

This project was made to try and speed up my workflow, and see if I could work faster. This scene took 6 days to make, which was half of what I usually spent, at the time. Decided to make an Scandinavian interior, while trying to get some more colour into the image.

3DS Max, V-ray, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Poliigon

Steinveien 37

Wanted to try something bit different, and try my hand at an industrial style, and get work with some more colour. Also wanted to make a scene, with a bunch of rough materials in them.

Spent a week on this project.

3DS Max, Corona, Photoshop.

Mellow Dawn

For this project, I wanted to try my hand on some different things, including Marvelous Designer, and doing conversion to ACES. 

The bed, and blanket to the left, was made in Marvelous Designer.Was interesting to experiment with different methods of synergy between software.

This project was also my first time working with ACES. It was a very different kind of challenge, to properly utilize, and setup.

The project took two weeks.

3DS Max, V-ray, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer.

High Contrast Bathroom

I wanted to make a scene, with a lot of contrast, and different colour temperatures, as well as doing different compositions for scenes.

3DS Max, Corona, Photoshop.

Lake Cabin

My first exterior project. Played a lot around with Forest pack and Megascans for this project. 

Was nice to try something else than interiors, and deal with a bunch of new an different challanges, though there's still some way to go, regarding a proper workflow. 

Referenced this cabin, for modelling:

Modelled the cabin myself, everthing else is downloaded. Did some color-grading, and blended the fog in, in post. This project took about 2 weeks time.

3DS Max, Corona, Photoshop, Forest Pack, Quixel.

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