Short film: "La Vida de una Piñata"

Short film: "La Vida de una Piñata"

“La Vida de una Piñata'' is a colorful CGI graduation film by Elena Heller, Marina Kunz, Kai Müri and Raphael Pfyffer made at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

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A piñata experiences the same fateful day over and over again, on which it is bought by a girl and finds death at her garden party. Shocked, the piñata tries to break out of this eternal cycle.


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Concept Art

Character Design



Elena Heller

Direction, Storyboard, Rigging, Animation 3D, Backgrounds

Marina Kunz

Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Animation 3D

Kai Müri

Direction, Art Direction, Technical Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Animation 3D, Animation 2D, Graphics, Lighting, Compositing

Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Film Editing

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